Laziness is a disease, in fact it is a syndrome! A compilation of the fears and thoughts of the “rigorous” and “rigid” characteristics of what you will go through, which then discourages you from doing what you are supposed to do. One does not become lazy just because laziness is meant to be, no! Laziness involves a person not having the inner, personal encouragement and motivation to do something which he or she wants to do. And if the self encouragement and motivation are not there, then what is there? You should know! The only thing there at that time is not a void! Not an empty space! Not a vacuum! The only thing there at that particular time is discouragement coming from a fear or set of thoughts. You might say: the discouragement might come because something bad happened… well, that’s not the direction of this talk. Here, this situation is not laziness, it is something different. This talk is about laziness because laziness is the only thing that can stop we young ones from really putting our minds to work and inputting much effort coupled with proper projection that is consistent and constant.

You are lazy because you are discouraged and not motivated as a result of your thinking. You think : that thing you want to do will take away your comfort. You see? Comfort! There is a present comfort, convenience that you are enjoying and then you leaving that convenience or comfort to do the simplest of work, all that comes to your mind is : I won’t find this comfort, convenience, luxury in that work. That’s your laziness.

This little disease called laziness is one big one that many young people battle with. There is so much comfort, convenience and luxury that we can’t even put ourselves to work effectively. If power is so much dependent on our work/effort, projection and consistency then laziness is the only thing that thrives on the seriousness of that work simply because convenience, luxury and comfort are riding over the heads of so many young people.

You prefer things coming your way easily to putting yourself to work and getting what you want. Many can’t even think for themselves. Many can’t think out something great for themselves and many even live in such a convenient, comfortable and luxurious sham called fantasy or daydream. They are so much  carried away in its bogus comfort that they can’t get out and do some real work with their intellectual faculty. Their laziness is a great chef, cooking for them some intercontinental junks!

There is something that laziness will always play for you as a video and it will Also teach you as a lecture. What is that thing? It is “stress”.

Laziness easily points to stress as the enemy. It easily and quickly names its enemy as stress. It shows you what you are about to put up yourself to do as the enemy – stress. Something as simple as it is, you start seeing it as stressful! That’s just what laziness wants you to see. That’s its little teaching for you. It tells you: once you try to do that thing, it steals away this comfort that you are enjoying, this luxury is all gone! Its trickery!

But I will tell you some things about stress and then as the intellectually strong and right-minded person you are, you will know what to do.

Stress, in the simplest of language is “that thing that takes away comfort from you”. True! So says so many medical and psychological “facts and findings” but I really want you to have a look at this whole stress thing in a new dimension. There is a stress that takes away your comfort as a result of an “overwhelming” by several things but there is a stress that is very much needed for you, a stress that you must create. You have to leave your comfort zone, your convenience and you have to put aside that luxury and do some real work; work towards power!.

Let’s look at why you need this stress from this perspective:

Stress = Force/Area ; Effort/Area

This implies the amount of force, effort, input that is exerted and then the area covered by the effort : how much of force, effort that is exerted in a particular sphere of circumstance: how much of effort, input, force is directed to the area that is in question.

This tells you anything yet? Ok! Let me say it this way: stress involves the amount of effort you have exerted or directed towards a particular area of your life that you feel needs it. If you have not put in so much effort and you are talking about “stress”, then you need to change your thoughts and start looking to create some real effort. Your effort is needed in that area of your life, your effort is needed in every area of your life, your effort is needed! How much of your effort has gone into the things you really want to achieve? You might as well be talking about little to large stress, this depends on the amount of your effort. That is the stress that you need ! You need to build up that stress.

We said : Stress =Force/Area;

The smaller the effort/force in comparison to the area you are applying it to, the smaller the stress.

Take a look: force/area ; 2/100=0.02; 20/100=0.2; 50/100=0.5; 100/100=1; 200/100=2. This tells you anything? If there is so much going on with you that needs your effort and the effort you are able to exert is nothing to be compared to what is really going on, then you know what that means.

Now, something more about this stress:

Tensile force which includes tensile stress and tensile strain.

This tensile force is called “stretching force”. This means both tensile stress and tensile strain are both involved in stretching!

Tensile stress = Force/Area

Tensile strain = Extension/Length

Tensile stress involves stretching and it leads to expansion

Tensile strain is the ratio of extension and original length

All these are outside of any man’s comfort zone. No convenience is found here.

Let me tell you what all these really mean. We all need stress (tensile stress) because it is about stretching!! If you can’t stretch, you can’t stay in control of any situation.

Let’s take a look at an elastic rubber material. If you don’t stretch it, you can’t know its worth! If you want to use it to hold things together, you have to stretch it. By doing that, you are sure of proper and tight grip! Control! Same thing, if you can’t stretch yourself, you are not ready to be in control. What is stretching and how do you stretch? Simple: consistently and constantly exert force/effort coupled with projection. That is stretching!

If you can’t stretch, you can’t talk about stress. In stress, when you “continue” applying force/effort, you are making room for yourself to expand, stretch and have a good grip of things.

Remember, you have an elastic mind so you can project as far as you want to, coupled with a non-stop application of force/effort.

Your stress brings to the table the fact that an area needs your effort! Once your effort is involved as well as projection and consistency, you generate power that puts you in control of that area!

Tensile strain is a ratio of how far you have gone and how you were initially. So you can check yourself to know this.

We all need this stress, this stretching!

But, remember. Laziness names it the enemy!

But the truth is: we all need it. If you can’t stretch, you can’t stay in control. Take it anywhere! Ok, you think even secular artistes don’t engage stress and stretching? Ask them about the time they were just starting! You never stop!

Laziness is a function of your thoughts! Change your thoughts and mentality and you will be on your feet walking and working.

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