The little we have become is a result of whatever it is that resides in that invisible soul of ours. You are yet to outgrow that phase because there are quite a number of realizations that have to be made. The truth of anything that is meant to be realized lies in the foundation of that thing and the power lies in the realization of it.

Many young men walk on the streets or chill In their different abodes awaiting a strengthening or fortification from where they don’t even know or expect. To them, the varying conditions of the weather or atmosphere brings with it some sort of revelation that confers strength and then you ask why we all are not ready to engage in serious work? For as long as you have not come into the first realization that you are a man with very sophisticated assets right within you, you will never be ready to do any serious work. No man lives off the picture of another man and then go straight ahead to build an empire out of his own resources. You can’t do the two at the same time. You can’t stand in front of a mirror and at the same time fix your gaze on the image of another man standing in front of his own mirror. You either focus on your own mirror image or you focus on the man and once you are focusing on the man, you can’t focus on your mirror image. Pitch your tent somewhere!

Whatever you are today is a result of what has been realized by you and what you have always looked at. You will remain on a spot if you fail to realize some things. If you fail to see the need why you must move from that spot, you will remain on that spot. What makes you see the need to move is the knowledge that comes to you. If there is no knowledge of a need. The need will never appear real to you.

One thing that many do today is that they think they are moving but actually what they are doing is same as what the hen does- scattering the ground with its legs. That is what you do when you lack knowledge and you want to move. You are only creating more space around you for you to move in cycles-repeating the same thing.

I will tell you something that is key to your progress. That thing is knowledge! What knowledge does is still and most times not understood by many.

Knowledge : intellectual understanding; the state of APPRECIATING truth or information. An AWARENESS of a fact or situation. It also means SOMETHING (fact or information) that can be known.

I ask myself, what is the issue that is common among the young people? Is it a lack of awareness or a lack of appreciation of the fact? But then I realized that awareness and appreciation should not be separated. To be aware is to be conscious of something! Also, to appreciate something contextually means to be fully conscious of it; to be aware of it.

So what is the main issue? Is it the presence/absence of the knowledge or is it the appreciation of it? Those are the two prominent questions to be answered.

Consider this analogy: a young student, broke for about 4-5 weeks. His mum then sent a sum of #300,000 to his bank account for his personal upkeep but his phone has been switched off for about 3 days so that he didn’t get the bank SMS alert and his mum could not get in touch with him. The moment he put on his phone, he got the bank SMS alert! Now there are questions I would want you to answer to yourself;

  1. What could have been his state of mind before he saw the alert?
  2. Don’t you think he would have loved to buy some things for himself during that period? Did his desire to get stuffs for himself die off?
  3. After he got the alert on his phone, do you think there would be a thought transition? Will his thinking change?
  4. What do you think will be the size and intensity of his desire to buy stuffs for himself? Either foodstuffs, clothings, etc.
  5. What will be his mood? Before and after he got the alert
  6. Do you think he will have the “I am broke” thought after that alert came in?
  7. Do you think he will “feel” limited when it comes to spending on campus?
  8. Will he ride on the shoulders of spending? Or will he be trampled on by spending?

Now, his mum already sent the money 3 days before he saw the alert. Can you describe  the changes that would have occurred?

Something important that knowledge can do to you is that it can put you on your feet, walking! Where there is no Knowledge of a thing, there is usually no light, no illumination. Where there is knowledge, there is light.

Remember, knowledge : SOMETHING that can be known

                      Knowledge : Appreciation of information or awareness of information

Two events are possible : 1. Presence of knowledge 2. Absence of knowledge. If it is (1), then two things are involved : (a) appreciation of the knowledge. (b) lack of appreciation of the knowledge. If it is (2), only one thing is involved : lack of appreciation. So which is it that affects the young so much? 1 or 2? Or which is it that battles you? Pitch your tent!

Remember, it begins with realization! Many have not even realized what is it they need to realize and many have not Even realized the need for them to come into the light of something / some things. Like I said, there are two events, which one is yours? Start from there!

You can’t walk in darkness and expect to have a smooth journey. You need light and in knowledge lies light.

Many are so CARRIED AWAY by the light of others. But there is light in you also!.

There is something in you that you just need to know, to realize… otherwise, you are so limited!


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