Champion’s Pizza Part 1

Champion’s Pizza Part 1

Every power has its source and every power source has something, something backing it up–a principle or a mindset. Power is not tangible(touchable) but there are always effects of influence carried along with it. This effects or influence are then tangible (comprehensible by the mind).

Now let me talk to you. Are you a human being? Man or woman? Then you have to know this and known it for the sole purpose of becoming it: living it. You have to know that you have the capacity to generate power! You have the ability to stay and be in control. In control? Yes! Power puts you in charge. Remember? There is always effect and influence that accompany power.

Many young people have often lived powerless, like we have got nothing in us that can put us in control of our lives, our own lives! We have just lived like:“we are young and our brains are still in the womb” but thank God for the few who are living the opposite already.Get this into your soul, in to your head: you are not powerless but you are yet powerless! You are still so powerless for as long as the effects and influences that accompany power are not in place in your life but that does not erase the truth that you have the ability forever to make it happen.

Yes! Many are yet powerless and they will remain so until they know that they have the ability. Many have even sold themselves out to those who are so ready to explore you for their own gain just like we make use of the electric bulb for our own gain and not for its own gain. That’s how bad it is and it is even killing to know that it is at a very insulting and cheap price.

We act like we are robots and we forget that we have a mind, we have intellectual capabilities, we forget that we can think, we forget that we are creative and we forget that we have an elastic mind that has a limitless elasticity. Or many don’t even know that yet. Now you need to know these: 1. You are in control with power ; power putts you in control. 2. You have the ability to produce that power. Remember I said earlier that every power has its source and every power source has something backing it up. So let me show you the practicality of this and then you will know what to do.

Power is the rate at which work is done.
Work is the product of force (effort) and distance.
Now, power is the rate at which work is done i.e. WORK/TIME i.e [Force (effort) × distance]/Time i.e effort × velocity
So does physics define those terms. But does that tell you anything yet? It says power is the result of the product of effort and distance per time! That tells you anything yet??
Let’s get ourselves clear. I said we have the ability to make power available for ourselves. What is the ability?
What is it about?
Let’s go back to our equations. Force(effort) × velocity. What is effort(force)?
According to Merriam Webster, effort is:
1. Conscious exertion of power
2. A serious attempt
3. Total work done to achieve a particular end
4. Something produced by exertion or trying.
Note the bold words because they are very important to this discourse and you need to get it!
You want to generate that power? There has to be some conscious, serious, work/exertion or trying on your part!

Now, ‘your effort coupled with how far you are able to project into that thing you want to achieve even while still standing where you are in the physical’ is one thing that is very important. How do you project into something while standing where you are? Your mind does the job for you. If your mind can grasp the reality of something, you are successfully projecting into that thing. Another thing that is important is what physics
put as “time” in that equation.

Merriam Webster defines time as “the measured or measurable period during which an action, process or condition exists or continues “. You just note the bold words.

Your actions which are embedded in your effort and your projection that continues per time, in time, results in power for you or you taking control. In other words, exercising your effort and projection in consistency and constancy results in you taking control of what you desire.

Exerting power gives you control!
If your effort is not involved, if your projection is not involved, if your constancy and consistency are not involved, you will be controlled, overpowered.
What guarantees a successful projection? Focus, determination and concentration. Without these three, you will waste effort.
Power also involves transfer of energy and energy is what impels something to happen. What you do by consciously trying with a proper projection and consistency/constancy is that you are transferring energy from within to make that thing you want to actually and really happen.
You need to resound and repeat this to yourself really : no effort, no projection, no constancy, no consistency, then no control, no power!

It takes conscious effort, it takes focus, determination, it takes constancy and consistency. This can’t be overemphasized but it seems many young people are so lazy because laziness is the only thing that appears to have the ability to stop one from doing this. A lot of we young people are very lazy! Lazy to put in effort, lazy to project because we like distractions and lazy to work consistently.

Take this : your work will be of less value or even be a waste if you don’t know how or you are lazy to project.

You are not empty, you have the ability to take control. You have that unlimited elastic mind that can be stretched. You just need to sit down, bring yourself to understand that you need to be intentional and conscious always. Don’t be situational. Whatever your effort is, be it prayer, etc, be able to project and stay in consistency and constancy. They all go together.

Don’t be lazy!

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