Dear Fire Brigade Man I

Dear Fire Brigade Man I

Let’s define it in plain language. The fire brigade approach is when you are supposed to do something earlier and you decide to wait till time’s almost up before you do it. Its as simple as that!!! Many of you probably indulge in this habit, especially as students. Let’s take for example: you have an examination in a month but you decide to wait till 4 days to the exam day before you start studying. Yes!! Many of you do it.

Yes!! It works for SOME but NOT ALL. Which category do you fall into?

If you want excellent results, I mean excellent results, fire brigade approach is not meant for you. I believe many people do this because they see school as a place where you just come to have grades and it ends there. Well, you should agree with me that that’s a wrong conclusion. Permit me to say that only the wise get the best out of a school. In a school, you learn! You learn so many things!!! Your life does not end in a school, the school is also a place where you get to taste and have a little feel of life outside of your parent’s protection and provisions. Therefore, its a place where you can try out different tactics, pick and learn to apply the appropriate tactics to solve several issues which are more like pointers to some of the issues you will face beyond the campus life. Only the wise ones see it like that!!!

If you are the type that engage fire brigade approach and you have your “A”s, have you tried the fire brigade approach in other areas apart from your books? Let’s say you have to be at fellowship service by 7pm and you being an executive decide to wait till 9am to wash the cloth you want to put on, with a plan to iron the cloth when you come back from practicals by 5:45pm. Let’s take a look at some of the things that might burst your bubbles:

1. What if it happens that by 5:30pm, you are not done with the experiment you are to perform at the laboratory?

2. Or you get to your hostel by 5:45pm and then you discover that there is no electricity power.

3. Or rain decides to fall while you are just leaving the laboratory

4. Or someone mistakenly picks your cloth on the line before you got back and then returns it the next morning

5. While ironing the cloth, it gets burnt.

And several others you can think of. Now, you might find something to put on but that won’t be what you would have loved to put on for that service. You won’t have the looks you have pictured in your head. You won’t have what you desired to look like.

You might escape the consequences when it applies to reading for an exam but you might not escape the consequences when it comes to solving real life issues.

And there are some of you that engage that approach and you complain of average results or even bad results. Well, check yourself! That’s a pointer to what you will get if you go ahead to apply that approach to real life issues.

Fire brigade approach can be frustrating, annoying, stressful, heavy, slow and trust me, the output is extremely low.

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