We all want excellent results in whatever we do. We want to see our efforts paying off big time. Its good to have thoughts expectations like that!

Waiting till the last minute to get something done can infer either of these two things:

1. That thing is not important to you, So you just want to get it done with anyhow.

2. It is important but you have got a huge number of other important things to handle at the same time.

Now, if it is not important, let’s look at it this way:

You work in a very large firm, your Director gives you an assignment to work on. The assignment is not important but he expects you to take care of it, which is why he gave it to you in the first place. Then you too decided to see the assignment as unimportant and waited till the last minute (when he asked for the results) before doing it. You might say you are not wrong, or whatever you like but the truth is: your director saw the assignment as unimportant compared to the other ones he had to take care of personally and he therefore gave you to handle it for him. For you, it is important!!! Get that!!!. He is your boss!!!

If he keeps giving you unimportant assignments like that and you keep applying your “fire bridge approach”, it will take you years of working with him before he can learn to trust you with making things happen big time in the firm. Which means he may never give you the assignments you tag “important” in your own mind and that is a big time problem for you there.

Then if it is the other way: it is important to you but you have a huge number of other things to handle at the same time, then it means you don’t know how to make plans, prioritize things and manage time except you deliberately left it to be done at the last minute and that might mean you are lazy and you don’t like quality work.

No matter how much work you have on ground, proper planning, prioritizing and time management will do the job for you and your ability to stay true to your plans and schedules is what I call diligence. Many people lack that and that’s why many young people today have issues here and there. We see many of them after 4,5,6,7 years in the university, come out and start looking for how to set their paths straight. Then they start looking for fast money when life issues are already hitting them left and right.

Attending to matters at the last minute is bad for productivity and excellence in your life and going back to the first thing up there, you will lose trust in either business partners, employer, and even employees.

Unseriousness is when you just decide to ignore time management, planning, goal setting, prioritizing, diligence and trust building. Being unwise is when you deliberately ignore the way of productivity and excellence.

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