IMPATIENCE is a vice common to most people today particularly young adults. The desire to get results in a millisecond, the rush to be done with a project in no time, the eagerness to share an information yet to be properly understood. This is an attitude which reflects in many areas and in diverse ways.

Impatience is a dislike of anything that causes delay. It is a restless desire for change and excitement, a lack of patience and an irritation with anything that causes delay. Picking some words and phrases from the definition like ‘dislike, desire for change and excitement and irritation’, we see that impatience has to do with being reactive rather than being proactive. It is a reaction to a current situation from a temporary emotional standpoint. For instance, you feel hungry and you do not mind trading your birthright for a bowl of pottage. This is a reaction to the current feeling of hunger. It is a response to pressure, either from peers, a need, or self induced by comparing yourself with others.

Impatience is seen in different ways as I mentioned earlier. For instance, a students eagerness to leave the examination hall without proper vetting of what he/she has written, the desire to share an information or knowledge you just came in contact with, without having a proper understanding of it for yourself, the speed at which we pass judgement on people without taking time to know them well, the eagerness to be out of a phase of life and get into another, anger, the haste at which we share rather personal information. Impatience can even reflect in your dressing.

One thing impatience does to us is this, it makes us think, speak or act without honour both to ourselves and others around us. Acting more on impulse, the immediate desires, gratifying the flesh and being as one without values.

Impatience is a result of acting on emotions and emotions can be checked by your words. Tell yourself again and again ‘I am patient and I exercise patience with myself and others around me.’ The beginning of patience is with self. Learn to be patient with yourself. Free yourself from undue pressure particularly in this age where pressure is on the high via social media. Give yourself time to think things through before making decisions. Do not be in a rush to look successful, because it is the greatest deceit of success. Take your time to enjoy process and endure trying times. Act less on impulse and more on your core values. Start by exercising patience with yourself for whatever you do to yourself will in time flow to others around you.

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