Pay the price

I was privileged to be told a story by a mentor in a particular meeting designed for leaders. This story was about two young people whose marriage didn’t survive childhood because there had been a problem with the conception and the development. While at the courtship stage, they failed to discover and make corrections towards each other’s mistakes. The man was so eager that he didn’t bother to discover himself fully, not to talk of discovering his fiancée; and in every relationship, a key factor for the embryonic relationship ripening into marriage is knowledge. Knowledge of many things ranging from relationship, yourself, fiancé or fiancée as the case may be and other basic principles. In short, the young man, on the premise of ‘I can’t wait, else I won’t be able to keep my body’ went ahead with the young woman and both of them got married after only three months of  meeting without actually knowing each other

Two weeks into the marriage, the scale on the young man’s eyes fell, and he began to see clearly what he could have seen at the courtship stage and perhaps corrected, or would have in the long run made him realize that the supposed fiancée was not his ideal lady. But then, it was too late, too late to cry because the head had been ‘chopped’ off; too late to cry, because such a cry would only solve nothing.

Often time, based on our desire to acquire something at the earliest opportunity, we sacrifice the price for the success of that thing sought to be acquired on the altar of our lust for it, or even seek to acquire it without paying any price. And most times, a thing one gets without a value may never be valued, and also, that’s why many a time, before one can claim to have performed a particular obligation effectively, then the price must have fully been paid.

Dear readers, endeavor to pay the price. And do not only pay the price, but make sure you pay the price at the right time. This could be in any form. In the book of Luke 14:27-35, Jesus was stating to his disciples that whosoever will successfully follow him must have paid the full price of denying self and family. And to buttress his point, he gave the analogy of a man who will like to build a house but does not sit down first to count his cost, and soon after continuing, he ends up not being able to finish the house, and in the long run, only successfully allows himself to be a centre of mockery… In the same vein, as Christians, we must make adequate plans for our actions, and must fully pay the price for whatever we seek to achieve, otherwise, we will only end up fulfilling our lusts and when such is the case, we create rooms for mockery in our lives and certainly, that can never be God’s will for our lives.

However, it’s a trite law that one can’t pay the price of what one is ignorant of. And it is also a common cliché that what one does not know remains one’s master forever. Going back to the first example in the first paragraph, how can one successfully pay the price of a successful marriage when in the first place, one does not understand what marriage is, or why people get married, or the purpose of God in relation to marriage and all other important things to know on matters pertaining to marriage? Also in financial matters, there are certain principles of being rich, but have you started investing on books and other materials in paying the price?

In all, “IT ALWAYS COSTS MORE WHEN YOU REFUSE TO PAY THE RIGHT PRICE AT THE RIGHT TIME” Read your books when necessary so you can prevent unnecessary TDBs during exams. Invest in your bank of wisdom so you can have enough knowledge at your disposal when necessary. Do not make the mistake of eating your seed now in order that you succeed later and above all, pray always so you won’t have to pay when issues arise.

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