Let me help you make your “ resolution” a worthwhile one.

Its no news that many people have already started writing down and praying about their “new year resolution”: the things they want to stop doing and the things they want to start doing. Good, even very good.

Let me take a quick peep into some people’s list….. Some are way long, some are very short, some…. Just one thing, some….. A number of intertwined stuffs, etc. There will be stuffs like:
In 2019
1. I will stop smoking
2. I will reduce my visit to Instagram and Twitter
3. I will stop communication with this friend or that friend
4. I will stop quarreling with people
5. I will stop taking nonsense from people
6. I will save more
7. I will read more books
8. I will stop seeing too many movies
9. I will stop flirting with ladies
10. I will be more serious
And so on.

Let’s do something, if your list does not contain these 3 things, then its as good as not having any “new year resolution”. Note, I didn’t say “any of”!!!

1. I will stay more in fellowship with my father (prayer and word)
2. I will speak more positively
3. I will change my thought pattern/structure, mindset

Its good and nice to have those I listed earlier, but its only authentic if you have those 3!!.

Why do you have to change your thought pattern, your mindset? Because what builds up in your mind has so much effect on what you do outwardly. What you ruminate on, think about determines what you do.

You can’t change some/a lot of habits if you have not successfully changed the way you think and what you think about. How will you stop quarreling with people if all you think of them is their imperfections? How will you save more if all you think about is how to buy the flashy and nice stuffs always? How will you stop flirting with ladies if you don’t stop having lustful thoughts always? Man! You need to have a change of thought pattern. Let that be the major thing you try to tackle. Trust me, before you know it, those habits will drop off with good efforts put in place. The mind is a powerful thing, where the mind goes, the feet will soon follow. You need to change your thought pattern in 2020. THINK GOOD THOUGHTS

Then you need to learn to start speaking positively always. Now this is the connection: if your mind stays positive always, your mouth will stay positive and even more positive. When you keep speaking positively, you will find yourself in the atmosphere and experience of positive, authentic and right actions.

“Words have power. They can hurt and they can bless. But the power of words reaches much further than the impact they make on our emotions. Our words have supernatural power— power that changes circumstances and shapes destinies.” ( Kenneth Copeland).

Fellowship always; stay with the word of God and stay in prayer. They are mighty forces that will show you who you are in Christ Jesus and will help your mind to readjust and start focusing on the things being revealed to you; your real identity in Christ Jesus as long as you are a believer. Once your mind begins to focus on and feed on this reality, you will not have problems thinking right thoughts and speaking the right things always, thereby making it easy for you to then consciously see to it that you do the right things always.

These are the root of your changed and better life in 2020 and its always the best to solve problems from the root.

Those things in your list are just the fruits of a whack root. Strengthen the root and see transformation.

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