I have often come across men and women, young and old, single, married and divorced, intelligent and unintelligent, and the list continues. They usually all have something to say about a situation, Always! Well, from my observation, almost every human being seems to know and have the solution to majority of the challenges the world faces today; right from within our homes, to our schools, workplaces, etc. There are always people in every quarter who seem to know what should be done. It’s a good thing! But let’s start.

PROGRESSIVITY, not a complex word as we can easily separate it into its different root words and from there finds its meaning but we won’t do that here; this is not English language class. Anyways, we can have it defined as: the condition of being a progressive. A progressive is a person who actively favors or strives for progress towards improved conditions, as in society or government and by extension, in one’s personal affairs. These kinds of people (progressives) don’t settle for poor or bad conditions. They want things to be better.

Let me at this point quickly let you know that progressivity is not done with the mouth!!! Let’s move on.

Who says you have to be okay with any poor or low condition that you find yourself? Often times, a lot of people willfully and out of weakness give up the key to the inanimate, lifeless situations around them.

It seems we are yet to accept* that no situation has hands and legs or mouths to stop anybody from moving forward. It’s true that many people get challenged and defeated by these situations, but this only happens because you allow them to beat you blue black.

You have to learn to fight and push and that takes a strong and right mentality!!! If your mentality about a lot of things is wrong, you are in for some serious issues in your life. No situation in your life can stop you from moving forward, not even a 2 out of 100 score in an examination. If you can’t bring yourself to the understanding that you have a brain, a working mind, your organs and systems are working, you can’t be a progressive!

Being a progressive will make you see things as they are and also differently, your thought patterns are different! You never want to leave things in the poor state* that they are.

In a society that comprises men and women of different background and educational level, there will be one or more issues at different times. All these issues accumulate to paint the picture of this society. It then takes the efforts of the people that make up the society to improve on, bring a change to or put an end to some or all of these issues. Now we have people there who know what to do to effect the needed change but won’t talk and we have some who know what to do and put in their effort to see to it that what they know is acted upon. Who is the progressive here? No matter how hard the surrounding circumstances are, a progressive will always be self-motivated, inspired and compelled to speak out. And mind you, a progressive speaks out whatever solution he or she knows just because he or she has that strong desire to see a better society. That’s a progressive there!

Also, progressivity is not in words alone, it is more deviated to the side of actions. You speak up and act according as you have spoken. You don’t wait for anybody to give you the go ahead. A progressive does what he knows will work right so as to bring positive and right changes.

As long as you are endorsed as an adult anywhere, you should not practice speaking alone, incorporate actions. Then you are being a progressive. You don’t have to do something big to change a society! The issues started from somewhere, a unit in the society, so also bringing changes should start from somewhere. Your actions don’t have to be the type that will attract the whole society at its inception. Start from somewhere!

Same thing applies to the building of a better and improved thought pattern and character. When you are comfortable with your wrong thought patterns or you really don’t give a damn about your conducts, you are not a progressive. You can only be regarded as a progressive if you strive to have a better and improved thought pattern. You strive to correct your thought pattern and conducts by consciously and deliberately thinking about what you are thinking and practicing the right things to do.

Progressivity begins with you acknowledging and understanding the condition of situations, and then you work to figure out possible solutions and then put them into actions.

You have to be uncomfortable with unpleasant conditions before you can think of being a progressive.

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