Dear Men,

Warm greetings to you today in the name of ‘a better brotherhood’.

We often hear and use the proverb: “where there is a will, there is a way” or rather put it this way: “To him that will, ways are not wanting” as it was stated back in the 1640s. It’s true, that if you are determined enough, you can find a way to achieve what you want, even if it is difficult, which is what this proverb actually means.

Well, we know it is of utmost good and importance to always be determined…. Yes! We know that! Or you don’t know yet? Ok now you know.

What is your insight in to the words “will” and “determination”? Hmm? Have you any?

There is one factor hidden in the shadows of those two words right there. And this is “certainty”!  Being sure! Your determination to do a thing is built on being certain or sure that you want to do that thing.  A will is born out of certainty, being sure of one’s self and what you want to do.   

Dear men, confusion is a disease. Now, we mean being confused within you about yourself and your desire to do a thing. You might want to do something and you are not sure of the outcome, that is partially acceptable but what is not acceptable is not being sure that you want to do that thing. Imagine a footballer who is not sure of the outcome of a football match and is also not sure if he wants to play. Confusion will not allow him be of relevance on that pitch!

So, men, learn to always be sure that you want to do a thing when you have it in mind that you want to do it. This will help clear our society of confused fellows such as those who are not sure they want to do a business or they don’t want to, those who are not sure they want to enter into a relationship or not, those who are not sure of what they want to do in life at all. 

Finally, men of our land, let’s keep ourselves right and in check by being “sure” as much as possible all the time. When we do this, we will be of utmost help to our spouses and everyone around us and also to our children that will be around when we are resting.

Thanks in anticipation.

Yours in earnest.

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