Jeliosinmi’ is a short form of a pre-elementary school for children common in South West Nigeria. It’s coined from the Yoruba phrase ‘Je ki ile o sin mi’ translated in English literally as ‘Let the house rest’. The translation suggests that children are playful, stubborn or unserious at a certain age, so they are enrolled in Jeliosinmi to get engaged in learning thus allowing the home to rest. Jeliosinmi schools are characterized by poor learning and reading facilities, incompetent teachers, overcrowding of pupils and inferior curriculum. They are not often government approved or licensed by other regulating bodies, hence they operate any curriculum they deem fit for the children. For example, Jeliosinmi schools still employ the cock of bottles to count and do sums compared to modern education methods employed by Montessori schools. In fact, many schools now include British and American curriculum in their teaching methods.

A curriculum is simply a set of courses or coursework, and their content offered by a school or University. Like any organized institution, the standard of any curriculum are set and maintained by either the Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) or the Ministry of Education which comprises of professionals and elites in the field who select the appropriate coursework necessary to build a mentally sound child. For instance, the English language curriculum include course works such as Speech, Comprehension and Vocabulary, Language structure, Composition, and most recently, Phonics and Diction. Each course work is taught in order of hierarchy at different time intervals depending on the framework of the curriculum. That is, children must first be taught Speech to know how to assimilate and then pronounciate words accordingly before they can be taught how to read a comprehension passage properly. To do otherwise is to begin to produce mentally bankrupt children who will pronounce and read ‘Sea’ as ‘Zee’. However, curriculum differs from one school to another but the fundamentals remain the same.

The believer, like a child is also expected to absorb a curriculum unique to his or her learning faculties. He’s expected to respond to the teaching he’s receiving with the commensurate ability required of his level. At salvation, our spirits are regenerated and capable of learning the ways of God. We also receive a measure of grace to become the teachings we are being taught. For example, Mr A may currently be receiving teachings on the love of God while Mr B is receiving lessons on how to be led by the Holy Spirit. Like the child again, the Holy Spirit is the teacher and also the developer of the curriculum. He only knows what is important for an individual to learn at any given point in time.

John 14:26 ‘But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you’ (KJV)

Today’s world is a pretty hectic place, filled with sounds, images and a lot of noise. Information now moves at the speed of light with different resources at our fingertips that can help better our lives- from the secular space and also from the church, giving us ample opportunities to maximize our lives optimally. None the less, we must be wise enough to know that not everything is expedient for us. Some things aren’t bad in themselves but if they aren’t contributing to the curriculum God has set up for our lives, then they are totally useless.

Every curriculum God sets up in our our lives is meant to take us a step closer to Christ; it’s meant to unveil who the Son of God is to our hearts as we become like him. To become like Jesus is to pay rapt attention and prompt detail to the work God is doing daily in our lives no matter how minute; whether it’s a silent rebuke or warm glorification. Many people are engrossed with the qualities other believing folks possess that they forget the tremendous work God is doing in their own lives, they quickly forget that Jesus is the standard and not any brother or sister.

Every child of God has a share in the inheritance we have in God- spiritual, physical, material, financial and otherwise. However, only those who pay a close attention to God’s working in their lives will duly receive their own share. God will give any of His sons success at a fair price if they pay a closer attention to his curriculum which is also the Word.

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